Summer Project Nakuru 2010 

In Summer 2010, FACES organised a team of 14 youths to embark on a construction project targeted at conducting improvement works to the St. Gorg Preca Home in Nakuru (Kenya). The FACES team who flew to Nakuru in Summer 2010 had the primary objective of building a concrete and stone wall admission gate at the main entrance of the orphanage along with other secondary objectives on the list including the reconstruction of the kitchen and the repainting of all the compound amongst other tasks.

Once there, even though the FACES team had one whole month at their disposal, they all knew there was lots and lots to do - and needless to say, along with the projected repairs and works planned to be rendered ... many obstacles and unplanned requirements just landed on the TO-DO-LIST. Having been prepared adequately and having in mind a realistic plan, the FACES team soon adapted themselves to the reality of the situation and divided themselves into two balanced and efficient teams. Having said so, everyone still lent a hand and helped each other in any way or form that was required. After all, both teams were in the same perimeter and ultimately with the same goal = help these children!
One team was entrusted with the job to repaint all the compound including the Boys' Dormitory, the Girls' Dormitory and the Dining Room. Besides, this group was also assigned with the task of mending any broken wooden beds (even thanks to a local carpenter there), which broken beds turned out to be more than one or two, but even that was sorted. Moreover, the same team spent time with the children playing and carrying out crafts with them ... for the simple reason that FACES went all the way to Nakuru to blend with the children and bring happiness to them not just carry out works like some kind of turnkey project assignment. Our happiness and satisfaction lies with the mere fact of spotting that genuine smile on a child's face just by playing with them or building some small craft with paper or cardboard. It is indeed an unexplainable emotion to describe one's feelings when faced with the situation of children honestly enjoying themselves just by spending time with them...
And well, carrying on with the construction results FACES obtained, the other team was in charge of handling the main construction objectives of the Voluntary Expedition which was that of erecting a sizeable steel gate supported by a hardbound and heavy-duty fully-fleshed concrete and stone wall. Besides so, this team also managed to reconstruct the interior of the kitchen in which these children and their caretakers used to cook in, which to put it mildly was in a very "traditional state" to say the least. But thanks to a lot of effort and hard work, FACES managed to reshape the kitchen, place new tiles all over the room and redesign the cooking spots and amenities required. FACES actually managed to finish the gate and the kitchen within the last day of the group's stay there, and in fact inaugurated the opening of the admission gate the day the group left from the compound to return back to Malta.
In a nutshell, the project was an astounding success and the children along with the Sisters and the caretakers were very pleased with the results obtained by the FACES youths. However, even though all these works have been carried out, there still remains lots and lots of other work to do besides regular maintenance work.

On the last day when we were leaving from the orphanage compound to return to Malta, none of the FACES team spoke a word for the first few minutes as they distanced themselves from the weeping children who were only sad due to their Maltese friends leaving back home. One thing was for sure though, all of the Maltese youths that day said to themselves that undoubtedly they would do it over and over again ... just to see those children smile again!