Nakuru - Kenya

In 2003 after having worked with children in a local orphanage, witnessing first hand their harsh living conditions, FACES took the commitment to provide these orphans with a dignified living environment. When taking the decision to respond to this need, FACES unknowingly created for themselves a dream. Never letting go of this vision together with years of hard work, ultimately saw the realisation of this dream – St.Gorg Preca Home.


This orphanage, in rural Nakuru, houses 59 children and adolescents between the ages of 5 and 23. It boasts of a scenic backdrop of Kenya’s majestically endless Rift Valley and hence is surrounded by clear skies, lush green vegetation and fresh air. A central courtyard provides ventilation and ambience to this Kenyan style, modern building. The courtyard is surrounded by 6 large rooms including bedrooms, a dining room and a large kitchen. Around the perimeter of the orphanage lies a large open green space, in which the children spend much time playing or sitting together. It is currently being run by an Indian congregation, the Helpers of Mary who moved to Nakuru for this new mission.

After the official opening of St. Gorg Preca Home on the 28th September 2008 and experiencing the ultimate reward in the children’s gleaming faces as they proudly entered their new home, it was clear what the next step was to be. Many of the children till that point had been attending school with the help of the diocese but this could be stopped at random whenever funds became unavailable. Moreover, as the children grew and the school fees increased, the likelihood of education being stopped augmented due to the availability of diocesan funds allocated to these kids. It was here that FACES embarked on its new project and set up a sponsorship programme with the aim of providing each of the children in the orphanage the chance of full-time education, including school fees, books and uniforms. This programme aims to support a child into secondary school and beyond, believing that all children have a right to be educated and understanding the importance of equipping all children with the necessary tools to enter the world as adults with the ability to perform to their greatest potential and sustain themselves.

Hence FACES currently runs this sponsorship programme for 59 children and adolescents in St. Gorg Preca Home, Nakuru, Kenya, providing a number of primary and secondary schools sponsorships as well as post-secondary technical training. As a result of the immense generosity of our many sponsors, these children are able to experience the joys of learning and have become enriched with the knowledge that comes from education. With your kind help, we aim to continue supporting these children and young people as they grow and develop every aspect of themselves.