Making Your Miles Go Further - Landover Malta Marathon 28th February 2010

Running is a great way to keep fit and also to fundraise. So as FACES forthcoming fundraising event we would like to invite all those who have registered to run this year’s Landrover Malta marathon/half marathon (28th February 2010) or even just remotely dreamt of running a marathon to consider doing so, so as to experience the great thrill of running whilst also supporting the running of the project in the slums of Buza, Tanzania.

This project is two fold: On the one hand there is the development of a medical clinic offering a free service including free medication to the poorest of the poor. On the other hand FACES will be also providing free education; offering English, computer and life skills lessons to those mostly in need. FACES has already worked in Buza last summer. The group consisted of 14 volunteers who in collaboration with The Daughters of the Sacred Heart set up and started this project. Through this pilot project we were able to assess the needs of the people in Buza and thus plan ahead for the forthcoming years.

With just under 2 months left to the day of this race we believe that most people would be able to start preparing for this scenic run as well as start believing that nothing is impossible. The Land Rover Malta Marathon (26.2 miles/42.2km) or the Land Rover Malta Half Marathon (13.1miles/21.1Km) is by far the most popular athletics event in Malta attracting over 1000 participants for both events. It has been organised for over 20 years and has received positive reviews from both locals and foreigners who visited the island to experience a marathon in good weather. Most, also say they manage a personal best time as the route is overall downhill.

Those who have completed it can vouch that there is nothing better than running with the wind at your back, the sun ahead of you and a friend by your side. The Malta Marathon offers that opportunity. It is an invigorating experience to run down the Mtarfa road and take in some of the most breathtaking views of the island, seeing the grand fortified city of Mdina on one side and most of the western part of the island below you. This is followed by the mind-blowing experience of getting to Msida and noticing that you have completed all the downhill running and realising that all your hours of training are now coming into play. Once you sail along the marina with the grand harbour in view you realise that you are now definitely running on your own steam. On getting to the Sliema promenade, hearing the crowds cheering you on, whilst getting a glimpse of the finish line, is an indescribable experience but one that I am sure you will never forget.


There are many good coaches as well as clubs that would offer you support and a training plan. We are also be able to offer beginners a basic training schedule that would help you comfortably build up the mileage, whilst enjoying a de-stressing run, with the aim of getting you prepared and fit for the race day.

We would like to encourage all those who have wanted to run a marathon for a noble cause to join the FACES Stampeders group and help FACES continue to collect the funds imperative for the development of our projects. You can join by contacting us on Your contribution would be a drop of water in an ocean of need but if not there it would surely be missed. A welcome email, followed by a training vest/T-shirt and further details and ideas of how to collect sponsorships will be forwarded to you as soon as possible. There are various forms in which sponsorships may be collected thus rendering this process easier and more convenient for you. 

On the day a group of supporters we will be providing some needed encouragement from a cheering point. Those of you who would like to support your loved ones may join this vital group. Their support will ensure that you will run your fastest mile in this section of the race.


We hope that this experience will be a positive New Year’s resolution as well as an achievable, fulfilling challenge.

Make every challenge an opportunity.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,
FACES Stampeders Team,
P.S. Further details of the race as well as application forms may be obtained from the official Landrover Malta marathon website or by following the link below: