About Us

 ‘FACES’ was formed in 2003 with the aim of providing humanitarian aid to the most underprivileged people in third world countries. The first project ‘FACES’ embarked on was one in Nakuru, the provincial capital of Kenya’s Rift Valley Province, 156 km away from Nairobi. In the summer of its formation, a number of FACES’ volunteers spent time working in the Holy Family Orphanage of St.Joseph the Worker Parish in Nakuru together with a number of other centres around Nakuru. It was through this work that the need in this place became apparent as the group was struck immensly by the hardships the children endured daily. FACES felt that to respond would to this need, they would need to embark on the building of a new orphanage for the 20 children who till this time, although emotionally well cared for, lived in squalid conditions, close to those of a farm.

At this point, the group took the commitment to raise the necessary funds for the building of a new orphanage on a plot of land adjacent to the old orphanage, provided by the Diocese of Nakuru. Throughout the coming years, the group was to host numerous fundraising activities in order to raise their goal. On the 28th October 2008 the orphanage was officially opened and inaugurated, from then on being called St Gorg Preca Home, to be looked after by the Indian congregation of the Helpers of Mary.

 Over the years, FACES also continued to send groups to other countries to provide aid and assistance to those most in need, often working in collaboration with other missionary organisations, namely the Missionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa). In India, FACES volunteers worked on educational projects in orphanages and provided medical and palliative care to ill patients in homes run by the missionaries of charity. In Peru, FACES worked with underprivileged families and in Tanzania FACES worked in the slum area of Buza offering medical and educational services.

Hence, as a result, the individual members of FACES have developed a wealth of experience having been of service to underprivileged populations in various slum areas in over 11 countries worldwide. Moreover, before joining FACES, most members had already had much experience in this field. This included the running of summer schools for needy children in Palermo, Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt, social and manual work projects in Brazil and the provision of medical and palliative care, as well as educational support to children with mental and physical disabilities in Calcutta, India, Nepal, Burkina Faso and Ethiopia 




For each member, these experiences have been amazing and life-changing. Experiences in which, as we would seek to reach out to the poorest individuals, touching the rawest joys and sufferings in life, we would learn many of life’s lessons, providing a great source of personal growth and an intense passion for living life to the full and appreciating within it the riches each and every person in this world has to offer.