Donating Medicines

As part of FACES’ project in Buza, Tanzania, volunteer doctors will be once again providing free medical care to the inhabitants of the slum area in Buza and surrounding areas. In a similar way to last year, FACES will be once again setting up a clinic in the slum area, treating adults and children with a wide range of medical problems from diabetes and high blood pressure to malaria and other infectious diseases common in the area, as well as malnourishment in children. In order to once again set up this clinic and continue offering the only completely free medical service in the area we are dependent on your kind donations. We would greatly appreciate any donations of medicines, medical supplies, nutritional supplements and/or medical equipment you would be able to offer. 

If you would like further information regarding this project please enter the Projects section of this website. Should you wish to donate medicine or would require further information on the kind of medicine and supplies we are in most need of, please contact us on

Thank you always for your kind and generous help.